The sports nutrition market has experienced tremendous growth, due to the desire of consumers to follow a healthy lifestyle and exercise more. Zion Market Research  confirms that this market is expected to reach €40 billion by 2022.

According to Deloitte’s 2019 European Health and Fitness Market Report, in Spain it is estimated that 5,330,000 people exercise in one of its 4,650 gyms. This is equivalent to a penetration rate of 11.4% of the total population. In addition, it is the fifth country in the European fitness market by revenue.

One of the categories that has grown the most in sports nutrition is protein products. The protein products market moves €4 billion globally, according to data from Global Industry Analysts. The most consumed product in this category in Europe is protein powder, which represents 65% of total protein products (Mintel, 2018).

During the 2019-2025 period, plant protein is forecast to be the fastest growing segment. This is due to the increase of vegans, vegetarians and consumers who decide to follow a flexitarian diet (Global Protein Supplements Industry Outlook to 2025, Research & Markets). In fact, according to Mintel, in 2019 14% of European launches of sports nutrition products highlighted the fact that they were vegan or did not contain ingredients of animal origin.

In this high-growth environment, Food Sourcing Specialists is developing its own range of elite sports performance, natural and healthy sports nutrition in compostable packaging.

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